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Emigrating or Relocating abroad a costly move?

It was only a few years ago that many Brits found moving abroad to be a financially savvy move. We had a stronger pound with £1 trading at around €1.35. Nowadays its trading at around €1.16, giving you far less Euro for your pound. A recent survey released this month has found that around half of the British citizens with holiday homes in the Euro zone are now planning to pack up their bags and sell their home.
Many Brits still living overseas rely on their UK bank accounts and investments to live off. Not only are they experiencing a low rate of interest but the exchange rate is also causing more pain and it is calculated that those living overseas and rely on a UK income are now getting around 15% to 20% less than before.
There is currently a contrasting mix of individuals that are desperate to emigrate away from the UK and relocate overseas and at the same time for the above reasons there are thousands of Brits who are stuck abroad and are desperate to sell their home but cant. One recent report on the plight of the Spanish market shows that many properties in the Costa Del Sol have fallen 40% from their 2006 highs, individuals are now being left stranded overseas and trapped in their properties due to their catch 22 negative equity situation.
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