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At YouSellQuick we have a highly experienced team who can professionally value your home over the phone, followed by a valuation visit from one of our internal buyers and then in the later stages you will receive a valuation from an independent RICS Surveyor. The surveyors valuation determines the true and fair market value for your home, they will look at the condition of your property and most importantly similar comparable properties and the price that they sold for to determine the fair market value for your home. At YouSellQuick we provide you with a Free Property Valuation Service so feel free to contact us by filling our house sell form.

What is a RICS Surveyor?
Why are they used?

A RICS Surveyor is used to establish the true and fair market value for a home. For the large majority of properties that are sold in the UK a RICS survey (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) will have to be used to value the property. Because most house purchases require a mortgage, a surveyor will be sent from buyer mortgage lender i.e. Woolwich to value the property. Basically the bank want to physically see what they are buying, if it is a property of normal construction and how much it is worth. In determining how much your property is worth the surveyors’ job is to put a tick in the box. For example if the sale has been agreed at £100,000 it is the surveyors’ job to inform the bank that the property is worth at least £100,000. If the surveyor doesn’t believe the property is worth at least the sale price then he will manually stipulate a figure and down value the property. Gone are the good old days when you could take out a mortgage for more than your house is worth. You have to remember the banks view it as if they are buying the house and in today’s market they won’t pay more for a property than what it’s actually worth.

Does the price my house is currently marketed for influence a surveyors valuation?

One other important factor to consider when it comes to surveyors valuations is how much is the property currently being marketed for? A very rigid rule is that a surveyor will never value your home for more than your house is currently on the market for, he or she will only agree that it is worth at least that. For many who wish to sell their house quickly you may have reduced your a price a few times in order to attract normal buyers. What many don’t realise and are mis-advised by inexperienced estate agents is that you can’t reduce the price of your home, change your mind and put the price back up. Reason being, almost every house marketed in the UK will be advertised on the infamous property website Rightmove . This site has so much influence in the property market it is one of the first places a surveyor checks to look for comparable properties and recent sales. Rightmove is so influential they have established a site that the general public Don’t have access to but surveyors do. Rightmove Plus stores all the historical prices that your property has been advertised at. If you have advertised your property at a lower price a few time in recent months the surveyor will see this. So beware if you reduce the price of your property and change your mind and put the price back up you will likely get a down valuation.

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