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Taking another Estate Agent to sell your home (video)

Video transcription

Most Estate Agents will sign you up on an exclusive basis where you are locked into a contract working with them for usually a period of 3 months and, fair enough, they are the chaps that are going to be spending some money in the local paper advertising your property and they don’t want their efforts going to someone else.

However, if they haven’t sold your property after 3 months which in today’s market does often happen, you can take another Estate Agent on board. Doing so will technically give your current Estate Agent a bit more motivation to actually sell your property. They won’t have a monopoly on your house if you like.

Who really wants to put all their eggs in one basket? Just to say, if you are take on a couple of Estate Agents at the time, that’s absolutely fine. What they would do is, instead of charging you a nice rate of 1.5% for an exclusive deal with themselves a non-exclusive deal will often cost you 3%. However in today’s market I’m sure you’d much rather have your property sold and pay that extra 1.5%. So a little word of advice, you could try taking on another Estate Agent. However, it still may only go too far. There are a lack of normal buyers out there. So, if you want to speak with one of our expert advisors, here at we can quite possibly buy your property for our own portfolio or certainly offer it to one of our experienced investors who buy properties from us every day.

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