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Selling House Privately

We have investors who will buy your house Privately for 100% Market value

If you are looking to achieve a 100% offer than you have come to the right place.  We operate in a different way to other internet house buyers. Instead of commanding a discount we have a more ethical approach that allows you to  sell your house fast for the full market value. We have a bank of investors who are waiting to expand their portfolio because we allow them to purchase in a very cost effective way. After visiting your property it will often be sold to a waiting investor within 24 hours. Following this a mortgage application is raised and your property is as good as sold. You can fill out the form or speak to one of our expert advisor’s to receive an accurate offer that our competitors simply can’t match.

Selling House Tips

When selling your house there are certain tips that everyone can follow in order to achieve the possibility of a sale on the open market. One of the options is too sell your home privately without the efforts of estate agents but first we are going to talk about what you can do to increase your chances of a sale through an estate agent.

Sell House Privately

Before you consider disposing of your current estate agent and endeavour to take on a new one there is a step that you can take to further increase your chances of selling your home. After you’ve been with your estate agent for three months it is likely that you will no longer be in an exclusive relationship and are free to leave and do as you please. In fact in today’s property market it is more than likely that your house will still be on the market after the first initial months.

One option that you can take is to keep your existing estate agent on a non exclusive relationship and advertise your property with a second estate agent. In fact it seems logical that in today’s slow market not one estate agent should be in full control of your very important house sale. the saying you should’nt but all your eggs into one basket should certainly apply when selling your home.

Pro’s and Cons to Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Estate Agents

It is an obvious advantage to have a couple of different estate agents marketing your property it is likely you will get more exposure. Also, it is nice to know that if your estate agent is having to compete to sell your home it should motivate them to work a bit harder. Another motivation for the estate agent is that when they do sell your home they will make double in commission: 3% for a non-exclusive relationship rather than 1.5% is it’s exclusive.

In terms of the downside, you may slightly insult your current estate agent by having the need to have another one. However, business is business and if they aren’t doing an adequate job it is at least clearly stated. Also, if you explain you are a highly motivated seller they should have some compassion. Another downside is the increase cost in estate agent fees as you have a non-exclusive relationship. In todays market where discounts a far larger than 9in the good old days a loss of 1.5% shouldn’t really deter you from the extra chance to sell your home.

Selling My House Privately

As a Tip and some helpful advice we suggest that you don’t advertise with more than two estate agents, there’s an important hidden reason for this. If you advertise for example with three estate agents you will start to look desperate to sell your home this may sway a down valuation from the all important surveyor. for example, once you have agreed a price with your buyer they will usually purchase with a mortgage and when this is the case the mortgage lender will always send a surveyor round to physically see what the are buying. If the surveyor believes that you have had real difficulty selling your home and can see that it is being advertised in 4 or 5 estate agents they will be quite likely to down value your home.

What if the surveyor Down values my home

If the surveyor down values your home than it means that bank will only give your buyer the lending facility up to a certain amount. At the end of the day in to days climate a bank isn’t going to pay more for your house than it’s actually worth. If this is the case the Buyer will either have to pay a larger deposit to make up the difference in agreed price to your self or the more likely scenario is that the buyer themselves are going to say “we’re not going to pay more for house than it’s worth particularly in today’s market. The only way to resolve a surveyor down valuing your property is to re-negotiate the sale at the surveyors price and unfortunately reduce the price of the property to what a surveyor believes it’s truly worth.

Should I have two estate agents?

In Summary it is perfectly acceptable to have two estate agents advertising your property for you. At this level a surveyor will not be concerned that your property may be difficult to sell.

Does Selling My House Privately reduce Costs?

You could choose to completely dispose of estate agents all together and go it alone. This may be a slightly cheaper method and there are websites such as thelittlehousecompany where you can privately sell your home and this costs around £300 to simply advertise on their site. However, it has been a proven tough method as it is all important to advertise on Rightmove. Rightmove is the Autotrader for the house market, where everyone first looks and it’s essential to advertise your property on this infamous site. The only problem is that you can’t privately list on Rightmove, only estate agents can.

At You Sell Quick we understand that by selling your house privately means that you are taking matters into your own hands. we offer one of the fairest deals on the market that equates to 95% -100% of the value for your home speak to a member of our team today or simply Fill out the Form.

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