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Sell Your House Fast

What are the Options to Sell Your House Fast?

Due to the current economic climate unless your house is based in one of the hot spots of London it is almost impossible to sell your house fast through conventional estate agent routes. Before the property bubble burst you could relax in the knowledge that your house would be sold within an average of just six weeks. Nowadays, throughout the UK many sellers are lucky to have a viewing within six weeks.

Why are there less Buyers?

To put it plain and simple, there are a lack of available buyers. During the property boom it was reported within certain parts of London that there were eight buyers available for every home on Sale. This was because almost anyone could be approved for a mortgage and many wouldn’t even have to put down a deposit as 100% finance was available. Of course this is a different story now and the lenders are requiring large deposits and 90% LTV is only starting to enter the market again. Not only that but if you have just one missed payment on your credit report then it is very likely that you will be refused a mortgage. the UK is now in a situation where there are are far too many sellers and not enough buyers. In your area you may find that there are hundreds of properties for sale and only a few buyers looking. So what are the options for you to sell your home fast?

Sell Your House Fast through an Auction

You could choose the route of selling your house through an auction. For those who don’t know about internet house buyers this may seem like the only alternative. Unfortunately, properties at auction don’t achieve the greatest values due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the competition your up against is’nt just sellers like yourself, around 40% of  homes sold are bank repossessions. For the banks once they have tried the estate agent route this is their last and final option so as you can imagine they are prepared to sell their assets quite cheap just to get them of their books and recover some losses. Also, the buyers available at an auction need to purchase within 30 days, so they often purchase through expensive loans or with pure cash. This type of buyer is a scarce resource and because of this for the majority of the UK you will be looking at selling your home for at least 30% of the market value.

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Sell Your House Quickly to an Internet House Buyer

Sparked by the recession and recent need for many to sell their homes fast, internet house buyers have entered the market in their hundreds. With so many companies around we appreciate that sellers will be bedazzled with the variety of different options available. Commonly if you want a straight cash sale you may have found that the majority of internet home buyers offer around 75% of the market value for your home. A straight cash sale means that you can complete very quickly often in around seven days. For those who are facing repossession or just need to move quick for any other reason, such as emigrating to start a new job overseas. Selling your house quickly at a discount may be a very appealing option. However, if you just want your home sold and are prepared to agree a sale but wait a little longer for completion then there are a few more viable options available.

Sell Your Home to You Sell Quick

At You Sell Quick we can agree to buy your home within 48 hours. We do have the option of a straight cash sale but many of our clients prefer to wait a little longer and allow us to complete through the use of a traditional mortgage. For many once we agree to buy your house it is as good as sold and through creative techniques whereby you can retain a small portion of equity and the use of a traditional mortgage we are able to purchase your home for 100% of the market value.




“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England