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Ways to Sell Your Property

How can I sell my property quickly

Other than the obvious route of selling your property through the traditional method of an estate agent there are a few other routes which are less commonly known but can result in a far better resolution in terms of speed, cost and eventual result.

Why not Sell your Property Fast at Auction

When considering a sale at auction the first major consideration is at what cost. There are in fact two major costs involved, firstly the obvious discount that you will have to sell your property fast, for this is often around 40% depending on location and condition of the property. There are a few reasons as to why such a discount from the market value can be expected at an auction. It’s currently a buyers market whereby buyers expect a substantial discount. A certain type of cash buyer is required to purchase at auction, this is often done through the use of a bridging loan and then the purchaser will mortgage the property and pay back the loan at a later day. A risky process if you don’t physically have the cash your self and also bridging loans are still hard to come buy so buyers at auction are still a rare commodity as they give you the ability to sell your property fast and because of this they have to fully pay for their purchase within 30 days.

Another reason as to why a sale at auction will typically be at a 40% discount is because around half the houses sold at auction are repossessed properties and the bank are looking to simply recover there loan fast and any amount of loss not recovered will be passed to the repossessed owner of the property.

Bottom line Competing with repossessed property at an auction will not help you to achieve a respectable price that you will be fully satisfied. At You Sell Quick we offer customers everyday a far better deal than what you could achieve through an auction speak to our advisers or fill out the form.

How can I Sell My Property Fast

It depends on where you sell. Through an estate agent you may be able to achieve full market less 1.5% – 3% in fees. 3% for a non exclusive relationship where you can advertise elsewhere or an exclusive relationship where you are usually bound to solely advertising through the estate agent for 3 months if you wish to break this clause they will usually charge you 1.5% as a fine and to recover their costs. Reason being estate agents will argue that they spend more on advertising exclusively listed properties. Realistically it takes around 3 months for a normal sale to complete so effectively the chances are slim that you will actually break the clause.

If you choose to sell at an auction you will typically be selling fro 30-50% less than the value of your home, as discussed above.

You can Sell your Property Online

If you choose to sell your property online to a purely cash buying company they will expect a discount of at least 25% often 30%. There are other methods of selling online which involve a normal purchase using a mortgage and more ethical companies like us choose to purchase like this.

However, You Sell Quick offer the fairest deal of them all whereby we will pay cash and effectively buy the large majority of your home and any remaining equity will still remain in your ownership at the land registry, left as a passive property investment, fully insured and paid for at the land registry. This means that when property prices rise so will the value of your equity.

Selling Property Privately is that a good idea?

Quite often individuals are just looking to sell their property privately so that they can downsize to a smaller home. In doing so you can release the burden of a mortgage and also ideally have some spare cash to help with ease of retirement or for other matters such as having to pay off some immediate debt. The general slow pace of today’s market means that many sellers are looking at sell their property privately.

If you are looking to downsize or simply release funds from your property for retirement or any reason, speak to our experienced team at and receive our market leading offer that others simply can’t match.

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