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How to Sell My House Quickly and achieve a Great Offer

How can I Sell My House Quickly

There are many people across the country who are currently sitting in stalemate waiting to move on with their lives. you may have found a new job or are looking to emigrate overseas. You could be unfortunately suffering with ill health and for these motivated reasons it’s understandable that it’s important for you to sell your house quickly. You Sell Quick is a national property buyer who has the ability to buy houses across the UK. We enable our customers to achieve a fair offer that is far more ethical than the quotes that you will receive from our competitors. We appreciate that you will probably shop around for many quotes before you decide to sell your home. It is probably your largest asset overall and we understand that our offer must be superior to all our competitors for you to accept it.

How long will it take to Sell my House Quickly

This depends on who you sell your property to. If the company is a true cash buyer then realistically they will fully complete the sale between 7-10 days. However true cash buying companies are a rare commodity and because of this they will require a large discount often at least 30%. Look at this way a true cash buyer as the power to purchase repossessed properties at auction where they often go for around 40% less than the market value, so why will they choose to pay more for your home

If you decide to sell your property to a company like You Sell Quick you will receive a far greater offer than what you can find from a cash buyer. This is because we purchase in the normal way and do so using a mortgage. In all honesty, this process usually takes 6 – 8 weeks until your house is fully sold and the money is in the bank. What you do receive is a buyer for your property in as quick as 24 hours and a far better offer than what you would receive from any of our competitors.

Can I sell My House Quick and Rent Back the Property

There are now only a handful of companies in the UK who offer a rent back service. Rent Back means that you have sell your property for around 25% to 30% below the market value and are then able to carry on living in the house paying rent to the new owners for a period of at least five years.

What are the Benefits of Rent Back?

For obvious reasons you will still able to live in your home, stay in your neighbourhood and have the simplicity of a sale where buy you don’t have to move out your house. Any equity left over after you’ve received 25-30% less and paid off your existing mortgage is cash for you to keep. This can obviously help to pay off any outstanding debts or generally help with any times of financial hardship.

What is the Negative Side to selling my house quickly to a Rent Back Company

Obviously you now don’t own your home. You will be off the property ladder and in today’s climate it may be difficult to get back on. Rent Back companies are now FSA regulated (Financial Services Association) this regulation was introduced to protect house sales and means that you have a fully legal right to remain in your house for 5 years.The downside is you will likely have to move in 5 years. So in effect you will be selling your house at a heavy discount now at the bottom of the market and will still need to move in 5 years.

How Can you help me to Sell my House Quickly and achieve the highest market Value

At You Sell Quick we believe that we offer our sellers a far fairer deal than all our competitors. We have a new market leading offer that allows you to receive cash for the large majority of your home and the remaining equity you will get to keep (unlike our competitors who would take this away). We also have a variety of different offers, which vary between the time it will take to sell your house and the amount of cash you can receive, for example a 100% cash offer will allow you to complete very quickly but will not provide you with the full market value. If you speak to one of our expert advisors they will be able to present you with the variety of offers that are available to you.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England