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Quick House Sale Reviews

Due to the current sluggish economic climate there is a ever increasing need for people to sell their house fast online. Because of this many people are turning to the Internet to sell their property but with so many different different companies all offering different services the question is who shall I chose to use.

Sell House fast Reviews

There are surprisingly quite a few more options available than you may think when it comes to selling your house online. With many websites offering to sell your house quickly it is difficult to figure out exactly what type of offer you will receive. In order to find this information out it is best to hear it straight from the horses mouth and to do so you will need to fill out the online enquiry forms or better give the company a call, build a relationship, physically meet a representative buyer who will come and appraise your property and then decide for yourself if it is a suitable deal that you will be fully satisfied with.

Regulation and the Industry

It is quite simple to give a review of regulation in the industry. There is only one side of the industry that requires FSA regulation. The rest of the industry falls within normal property conveyancing laws. The side of the industry that requires FSA regulation is the Sale and Rent Back market. This regulation was introduced in 2010 and the main aspect gives the seller protection whereby they are allowed to remain in their house and rent it back for a minimum 5 years.

Sell House Quick Process

With lots of different methods available to purchase your home we wish to set the record straight and provide you with a review of the different quick sell offers available. Firstly the most common offer available prop ably from around 95% of companies offering their services is what we would say the poorest and most unfavourable offer. And it’s not surprising that the most common offer comes from the majority of companies but not us.

To review this offer from the majority of our competitors it is quite simple to state that 75% of the true market value of your house is not great. Not only are you selling at the bottom of the market but you are having to sell at a heavy discount below your home value. This is a better offer than what you would receive at an auction (typically 40% discount). However, it is poor on paper when you are dealing with losing out tens of thousands of pounds.

Sell House for Full Market Value

At You Sell Quick our clients choose to sell their home as they are fully satisfied with our offers and they can clearly see that it is far more favourable than the quotes that they would have received from everyone else. Rather than taking a large chunk of equity away from our sellers instead we leave all remaining equity in you ownership. What you will receive is the true value of the majority of your home in cash and any remaining equity will still remain in your name at the land registry with a restriction in place meaning that the house cannot be sold on without your signature.. In doing so you still remain a passive owner in a portion of your properties bricks and mortar. This equity that you retain is in the house, it will rise in value when house prices rise and essentially you don’t lose out buy selling All your house at the bottom of the market but instead retain a small amount of equity as a managed, fully insured (We pay for) property investment.

Sell House Fast Reviews

We would like to encourage all of our clients to review the level of service and the overall satisfaction that they have received when knowing that they are not losing out anywhere and can still sell their house quickly. In fact many customers view the You Sell Quick shared equity purchase as a more favorable route than simply selling at an estate agent. This is because you receive the true value of your house for a large portion and keep the rest as a managed buy to let investment for the future. All in Bricks at mortar and at no cost to yourself.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England