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QE2 Quantitative Easing 2 It is happening now!

QE2 Quantitative Easing 2 It is happening now!

Or Printing money. You cant print money – it comes from trees. But it is being done both in the USA and in Europe by bond purchases for the European Central Bank. So this funny money is being released to the markets (FTSE, Dow Jones etc.) and bit by bit it trickles down to you and I.

You say that we have not had any money in our pocket – it is just a little bit more tricky than that. Inflation is gaining strength because there is more money around (thats the idea). If you double the money supply and did not produce anything then roughly any item will cost twice as much.

What is happening in the financial markets is that commodities, gold and silver are being brought more and more. You can not make gold or silver or wheat (very easily) Gold is the ultimate store of money. But property (your house!) is pretty close, especially so in this country as we are not making any more land. It is very hard to build in Britain.

Now is just about the low point in property prices, please don’t accept these below market value offers of 20-30% off the low point – its crazy. In a few years time you will regret it because your house price will go sky high. We have got an agreement that means that you will benefit from the increase in capital values. If you are moving out of your house, relocating, ill health etc. do call us.

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