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News Announced Today : First Time Buyer levels Increase

Good news for those wishing to sell their property in the lower price bands : First time Buyers are re-entering the market. Prospective buyers who are hoping to get onto the property ladder have reached their highest levels in twelve months.

If you are wishing to sell your home and feel your property is in the lower price bracket and is a good suitable property for a first time buyer, you may not need to worry about reducing your price much further. Today’s news comments that first time buyers are worried about prices moving up and don’t want to miss the boat.

Today’s figures show that just over 26% of those currently looking to buy a property are first time buyers, this is up from 23% a year ago. However, there is still a major stumbling block when it comes to lending from the banks and required deposit are still at their highest levels in years. When the day eventually comes that the banks announce that they are freeing up their lending criteria then we can truly start see a more liquid market for both buyers and sellers.

Summer is approaching and we are getting more and more enquiries from those who are wishing to move abroad. Many have prepared their emigration plans for the Summer, however they still haven’t sold their property. If you are planning to move abroad then we can provide you with an industry leading offer. Whereby you sell the majority of your home for cash and the rest you keep as your equity. This is truly the only offer on the market where you are not giving away anything, nor losing out anywhere…… in fact it will make you more money than simply selling all your property now in this current depressed market.

Also, if you have simply inherited a home we urge to consider selling some now and keeping some of the equity for the future.

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— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England