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Moving Abroad? European Central Bank Raise Interest Rates From 1% – 1.25%

Today, the ECB have announced a small hike in its main Interest Rate From 1% – 1.25%. This decision has come following a recent spike in Inflation across the Euro-zone. Many including ourselves have recently experienced inflationary pressures from the price of goods at the supermarket to higher energy bills. All this largely derives from higher commodity prices. In an Effort to dampen the fire and help continue economic growth many would see today’s announcement as good news, particularly to help contain fears of a second wave of inflationary pressure.

Unfortunately, for many today’s announcement will probably make life even more difficult. In a recent blog we reported that there is an ever increasing number of UK citizens who wish to re-locate abroad. Today’s announcement should naturally make the Euro stronger and therefore buying an overseas property will relatively be more costly. If you are thinking of Emigrating but are stuck in the UK and struggling to sell your home, Contact us today as we have a very favourable offer for those who are planning on moving overseas.

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