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More Sellers Enter the Market

New figures released today from property website Rightmove show an increase in the number of sellers entering the market. If you are looking to sell your home and are familiar with the basics of supply and demand then this is unfortunately not good news. Many have speculated that house prices may not fall further as sellers have reduced the price enough, however if you are seller in a desperate situation or just can’t wait to leave the country and emigrate then you may be forced to lower your price even further.

Aprils figures show a average of 28,390 new properties entering the market per week, which is a 9% jump on the amount of homes entering the market when compared to the same time last year. These are certainly surprising figures and they have already shown a knock on effect. Rightmove have also recorded the biggest month of unsold stock for estate agents since May 2007.

At YouSellQuick we don’t hold the opinion that house prices should fall that much further, however with a lack of lending and many struggling to get a mortgage, we can’t envision times changing any time soon. If you have had no luck with the estate agents and are now exploring the avenue to sell your home privately for whatever reason, you may be moving abroad or have simply inherited a home you don’t need. make sure you give us a call to simply see what we can offer.

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