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More Houses put up for Sale in February

New figures released today have shown more housing stock added to the market in February. New data recorded by the National Association of Estate Agents shows a 25% increase in properties for sale on the market when compared to Data from the same time last year.

More properties injected into the market is not good news for those who are already looking to sell their house. Viable buyers still remain a scarce resource, by applying the simple rule of supply and demand more sellers may be forced to lower their asking prices even further if this trend continues.

At the same time the Auction houses do seem to be attracting more cash buyers, however this route does come at a costly price. If you do send your home to a property auction you will be competing against homes that have been repossessed and can bought at a real bargain price. The ratio at the auction house is usually around a 50/50 split between private sellers and the banks. At YouSellQuick we can offer a far more favourable resolution then the large majority of our competitors. We encourage anyone to contact us and see if we can buy your home.

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