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Interview: Psychologist secrets to sell your home at a higher price

We interviewed a senior psychologist to learn about the insight secrets of the human mind and reveal the best tricks to sell your home better. She explained us a lot of interesting investigations carried during years regarding how we perceive our surroundings.

Sell your property faster and for a better price

When selling your house, consider taking the following actions in order to improve the overall look of the house so the valuators value your home to a higher price.

Improve the inside of the house

First of all, remove old wallpapers and paint the house in a bright neutral color, preferably white since white is the color that better reflects light and makes every room look bigger.

Decorate the home with very few expensive objects. Studies reveal that houses with less customisation help sell a property faster since the person valuing the house can make a better idea of the house and run his imagination further. Decorative elements such as nice minimal paintings, a designer’s chair or other slick elements will improve the feel.

Place a bowl of green apples in the entrance or living room, as crazy as it may sound, apples release a microscopic hormone that makes us feel better and “feel the place as home”, much more familiar.

Open all the curtains and put in as much light as possible, even during the day, the more light there is, the better. If possible, use natural light or light bulbs that imitate the sunlight. If you can schedule the viewing day, do it in a sunny day so that everything looks brighter and happier.

Once the inside of the home is perfectly optimised, let’s have a look at the exterior.

Improve the exterior of your property

Clean the entrance, the garden, put some flower pots, remove weeds, clean the dirt, paint dirty areas and make everything look so that the viewer sees that you have taken great care of the property.

Yourself as a salesman

Finally, get yourself a good looking presence. Put on an ironed blue or white shirt, clean shoes and nice trousers and practice a smile.

Prior to the viewing or valuation, think about some curious and interesting anecdotes you had in the house, such as:

We used to bring our neighbour kids and play in the garden, the sun in the afternoon is great here


In summer time barbecues are great since there is not much wind and a big table fits perfectly in that corner there

You want to connect with the viewer and make him feel that you are there to help him make the best decision: buy your home.

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