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Sell My House in the USA Infographic

In The USA there are many people who are looking to sell their house but are struggling through the traditional method of using a real-estate agent.  There are a variety of different methods that can be used and depending on your situation, some are more favourable than other routes. These will vary from the time it may take to sell your property and the end result of how much money you will receive.  Some of the routes will enable you to sell your property far quicker than selling through an estate agent and you may often be able to sell up within a month particularly at auction. Internet house buyers offer some very favourable terms and there is even the chance to sell part now for the full market value and leave the rest as an investment that can be released for a greater sum when the property is sold in the future. Take a look at the info graphic to see what options are available.

Sell My House - YouSellQuick Infographic

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“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England