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Increase in UK Mortgage Lending

The council of Mortgage Lenders have released new figures that show an increase in their lending. However many experts are still sceptical that this may just be a small lift rather than the start of any long term growth.

The new figures show that mortgage lending totalled £12.6 bn in June, which was 16% rise compared to £10.8 bn worth of lending in May. Surprisingly though this figure is still 3% lower than from June Last year.

We have many sellers who approach us for a variety reasons they may have inherited a property of are planning a life changing move abroad. Unfortunately we here the same old story far too often, whereby the seller has even had a couple of formal offers, only for them to fall through as the prospective buyers lenders had pulled out at the last minute.

The Chief economist of the Council of Mortgage Lenders has commented that we are experiencing a very disappointing time in economic growth and a rise in the cost of consumer products and services coupled with a fall in incomes has had a combined effect that is halting the prospective buyers market. If you add to the fact that banks are nursing there capital in their balance sheets we can see why we are in this current situation.

If you are considering a quick sale through another quick house buying company or you may even be considering to sell in an auction, both these routes will result in you selling your property at a heavy discount. On the other hand if you contact YouSellQuick we can purchase your home without taking any of your equity away thus providing you with a beneficial sale.

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