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I Can’t Sell My Home Should I become a Landlord?

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Desperate Property sellers become nosey Landlords

A major issue that has arisen is a tenants right to their own privacy so it appears that many accidental landlords who were originally reluctant to let out their property are simply turning up at the door to take a look around. A traditional landlord who would rent out a property just for financial gains wouldn’t usually have a personal attachment to the house however these new accidental landlords seem to be very precious about their home. In summary, it is thought that this recent influx of first-time landlords is the main source of complaints from tenants.

More people have become forced landlords because they can’t sell their house

New figures now show that forced landlords have underestimated the challenge of renting out their home and have now found themselves with unforeseen difficulties. In fact, complaints about letting agents have increased 26% in the UK over the past year. In Scotland this figure is even higher and complaints about letting agents have increased 40%. These figures show two things, firstly they show that tenants are unhappy with their properties and secondly it shows that landlords are more so feeling the heat and finding difficulty with the lettings of their properties.

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Many property owners have not been able to sell their house quick enough. For a variety of different reasons they have found themselves unable to keep up with their mortgage payments and at the same time been unable to sell their house. During the recession there has been a huge increase in many people becoming forced landlords whereby they are forced to rent out their home just to simply keep up with the mortgage payments. At the same time, of course, they need somewhere to live so they would rent a smaller property that they could more afford.

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