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How to Avoid Cowboy Plumbers


If some kind of malfunction or troubling emergency occurs around your home it’s only natural that you’d want the best person to help you with your difficulties. Take plumbing issues as but one example of when a malfunction requires prompt, efficient and effective solutions. But what if you call up some plumber you’ve never heard of? Your chances of hiring a bad operator are 50% and the last thing any home owner needs is dodgy plumbing repair jobs. Here’s how to avoid cowboy plumbers and instead find one who will get the job done without having to break the bank either!

The cost of plumbing isn’t always as simple as adding up the cost of a piece of pipe and charing the customer that cost plus a profit margin. There is a lot involved and oftentimes the plumber will not know exactly how big the job will be until he gets right in there and discovers the issues. Still, you can ask for a price guide and by doing so you will be in a better position to question any increase from that quote later on once the job is complete. In addition to that, it’s a great idea to enquire as to the standard fee rate the plumber charges for the type of work in question. An hourly rate is also helpful to know as it can be compared between operators which will help you size up your options more fully. Shoddy plumbers are not keen to commit numbers to paper early on so they might not turn up to give you a quote which saves you from wasting time with them.

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Everyone dreams of a plumber who will actually turn up, turn up on time and be polite and respectful to us and our property. There are a lot of plumbers who just don’t fit this profile but the closer they do the more sure you can be that they are likely to do the right thing by you. During your telephone contact with various plumbers take note of their attitude and manners as part of your research in finding the perfect plumber for the job. Ask whether they can commit to a set time during the day or evening or will you just have to wait around all day and night for them to arrive when it suits them? Of course, plumbing emergencies do happen which is why plumbers are so often late to appointments! However, there is no excuse for a late plumber not to call you and advise you of the new estimated time of arrival.

Plumbers must be licensed to carry out work so ensure your plumber is registered with the relevant authorities. The plumber who is less than busy, is poorly presented and appears to be using century old equipment that is in disrepair might be just the plumber you need to avoid. Look for established plumbers who work locally as they are more likely to play by the rules as they are a part of the community who will not forget their good, or bad, work! Ask around for recommendations and you’re sure to hear not only stories of who to hire but also who not to hire!

Finally, ensure the plumber you choose has enough experience in the area that you require work done. It’s no use hiring a cowboy plumber who thinks he knows everything about septic systems when he’s worked on only one in his career. Ask plenty of questions and you’ll soon discover whether your plumber appears confident and knowledgeable or simply talks in circles and can’t explain what the problems might be and how they’ll be fixed. If you follow these simple tips then you’ll have a higher chance of hiring a great plumber instead of a cowboy!

Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for AQVA Bathrooms, the on-line store for designer bathroom suites. You can follow AQVA Bathrooms on twitter @aqvabathrooms

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