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House Prices Decline in August

According to new figures released by Nationwide, house prices have shown a 0.6% fall in August. In the previous three months house prices had shown a very slight month on month increase, however this has now shown a sharp reverse.

The price of an average UK home fell during august by £2,817 to £165,914. It is safe to say that house prices have remained subdued over the past year today’s average house price now stands 0.4% lower than in August 2010.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to sell you home predictions don’t look rosey for the forthcoming months. Howard Archer, who is a well respected UK economist predicts that house prices will continue to fall. “We are now facing weaker stock markets, a rise in unemployment and low consumer confidence”. Howard Archer as gone as far to say that house prices will probably “fall a further 5% by the summer of 2012”.

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