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House Market

I wanted to talk about beliefs and the way that we are being sucked in to the gloom and doom news. It is easier and more profitable to write a gloomy storey for the newspapers, than write a factual story. If you continually belive the news you would never go outside for the fear of rioting, health scares, sharks, eggs etc.

This is what our competitors (you remember them on the internet – ASKING you to take a big drop on your asking price just for a quick sale). We give you the equity, and a share in the appreciation of your property.

Our arrangement is a calculated investment, or well, a gamble upon the housing marketplace. In 10 years time are the house prices going to decrease? or increase? I (and the ‘ experts’ for instance the mortgage companies) think that in the long term the prices will go only one way.

If you need to sell your house or flat maybe because of ill health or you need to emigrate you have another option. Please call 020 7385 4498 and have a chat.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England