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I have a questionWe care for our customers and answer all of their questions over the phone, email or face to face. This is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions for individuals like yourselves who are wishing to sell your home.

Do you use an Independent RICS Surveyor to determine the market value?

Yes, we use independent RIC’s Surveyors  for all our purchases . Initially we will establish the market value of your home in order to make you an informal offer, after this stage an Independent RICS surveyor is used to further clarify the true market value of you home. If you are not satisfied with any valuations at any point then you are always free to walk away as we do not have a legally binding agreement that will tie you in to completing on the sale. We provide ourselves in accurately determining the market value the best of our ability and to help avoid any disappointment at the RICS Valuation stage.

Do you ever change your offer in the late stages!!?

We take pride in providing our clients with an accurate offer after we have physically viewed your home. We have heard stories of bad practice from companies who initially impress with a generous offer, only to disappoint and lower their offer in the later stages of a sale. This is a Practice known as “gazundering” and we have never operated in this way and Do Not agree with it’s ethics. We use officiall RICS surveyors to determine the true value of your home and our offers are set in stone based upon this. Only on the rare occasion that the RICS surveyor spots something that we haven’t i.e. a structural problem and the RICS Surveyor down values your home then on such an occasion we may change our offer accordingly.  Any valuation problems such as this will usually be established in the early stages of a sale.

How long does it take for You Sell Quick to sell my house?

We can usually make a couple of different offers to purchase your home and each offer has slightly different time scales. Our most popular offer involves a normal purchase using a mortgage. This will involve an initial offer over the phone and then a firm offer within 48 hours, following an inspection of your property from one of our internal buyers (an independant RICS Surveyors is also used during our buying process). Completion times do vary from time to time. At You Sell Quick our average for our most popular and highest market value offer is approximately 4 – 6 weeks. We also have access to a cash fund that can complete within 7 days.

Why should I sell my house to You Sell Quick rather than with an Estate Agent?

Many sellers who have approached us have already tried the estate agent route. They firstly choose to sell to us as you decide when to sell your home. Our established business model covers all fees and costs allowing you to receive the full amount that we offer for your home. there are no hidden charges and you will further benefit from not having to pay any estate agent fees. Most importantly we know our capabilities and limitations and when we agree to visit and purchase your home  and instruct solicitors, lenders etc. These are costs that we pay for ourselves so unlike a normal buyer we will always intend to complete.

Do you buy properties where I live?

We buy houses all around the UK including Scotland. We don’t buy properties in Ireland.

How much do your services cost? Is there any commission?

We do not charge you any fees or commission whatsoever. We cover all costs including the valuation and your solicitor so you will only ever receive money. (Please do be cautious with firms that do charge upfront fees).

My house is being repossessed, I need help!

You Sell Quick can help individuals facing repossession by meeting with your home’s lenders and the court on your behalf and stop proceedings from going further.

Will you buy my property if it has a tenant?

We often purchase properties and tenant them ourselves. So as long as your tenants are paying around the average going rate for your area and not a “mate’s rate”, we will be happy to keep them in place for at least the length of the tenancy.

I have secured debts, who will pay them when selling my house?

As with any normal property purchase any charges or debts secured against the house will be taken care of  by the conveyancing solicitors at the time of completion. The rest of the money will be transferred to you on the same day as completion. When speaking to one of our consultants please do make them aware of any debts or loans that you have secured against the property so that we can give you an accurate cash outcome for the sale of your home.

Is there a difference between the estate agents valuation and market value

Many sellers have found that estate agents have generously valued their home just to get them on their books. You may have already found your estate agent has suggested for you to lower the price a few months down the line.

Each and every property that we purchase will be valued by an independent RICS Surveyor who will be appointed by the bank or building society who will provide us with the mortgage to purchase your home. We do not have any control over his or her opinion and it is their job to establish the true and fair market value for your home. Our offer to you is based around this valuation.

I have my property advertised with an Estate Agent, can I still sell it through you?

Yes, If you are involved in any kind off exclusive arrangement we will usually get the ball rolling ASAP and arrange the completion date for a time which is just outside your exclusive period. Also, if your property has been on the market for longer than 3 months then you will probably already be outside any period of exclusivity.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England