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Sell My House Guide (free eBook)

We have decided to compile the ultimate property selling eBook. We don’t believe there is any other eBook on the web that provides a home seller who’s asking how can I sell my house? with such useful and insightful information.


Download Sell My House Guide eBook

We start by explaining the different available methods for you to sell a house. The obvious route of the traditional estate agent has it’s pro’s and cons and these are all discussed. For many this is already a tried and tested route but if it is something that you still wish to entertain then we do provide some handy advice of how to get your estate agent to work best for you.

This e-Book also explores other avenues, such as selling at an auction. We describe the whole process and how the auction room really works. You can judge for yourself if this is a good route but very compelling reasons for why you may not achieve a great price are given.

Internet House Buyers have become a popular route for many thousands of property sellers during this recession. The amount of different solutions that sell house on-line companies provide can almost be overwhelming for many house sellers. This book gives an in-depth look into the industry with the different solutions you may be offered and how they can provide you with the solution that you may need.

It’s surprising how underestimated the powers of surveyors are and how important their opinion is when it comes to selling your home. If your house is up for sale then you must make sure it is realistically priced as a surveyor will have the final say on how much your property is worth. If you are to achieve a sale price that is more than a surveyor believes your house is worth then it will put your buyer in a position whereby they can only borrow against the surveyors valuation, and also won’t be too happy to pay more than a 100% of what the house is worth. This book will discuss how to avoid this and what to do if a down valuation does occur.

We expose how estate agents don’t disclose everything that you need to know and caution should also be taken with any suggestion of lowering the price of your home. If you do, you need to understand that this will establish a new market valuation and you can’t change your mind and put the price back up. This is because Right move stores all historical house listings within Right move Plus. Surveyors have access to this system and the banks won’t be prepared to pay more for your house than a price it’s recently been advertised at. This valuable information is provided within the book so that you can avoid unknowingly putting a foot wrong.

The general state of the economy is also a major concern for house sellers. A lack of employment and availability of mortgages is continuing to inhibit the market. Government measures are an important factor in getting the market moving again, so what are the government doing to help? what has worked? and what hasn’t? This book should give you valuable insights that should put you in a better position to sell your home.

Download Sell My House Guide eBook


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