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Decline in Housing Stock for September

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have conducted a housing market report for September which shows a decline in the amount of the instructions entering the market.

It is thought that more recent fears about the state of the economy and in particular the current problems facing the Euro-zone are to blame for this fall in confidence thus the uncertainty is keeping both buyers and sellers away from the housing market.

On a positive note RICS Spokesperson Michael Newry has stated that the recent Monetary Policy Committee to pump an extra £75 BN into the economy will help to keep mortgage rates low.

If you are currently trying to sell your home and fear that interest rates may rise then we are more assured than ever that mortgage rates should remain at this historic low for a long time to come (probably the next 3 – 4 years).

If you are looking for a quick sale of your home then please do contact us. Unfortunately house prices have taken another slight dip. Figures last week from the Halifax showed that UK House prices fell 0.5% in August now standing at an average of £161,132.

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