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Choosing a Quartz Worktop Supplier


Quartz is such a beautiful material when used in the kitchen it really is something that can make your house look great. The hard crystalline material is the most common mineral on earth, though this does not devalue how wonderful it looks as a worktop.

When cut and polished properly, quartz can really make quite the attractive work surface. Of course, one of the deciding factors on how wonderful your countertops look is in choosing the best supplier available to you for your kitchen. So, what should you look for from your worktop counter supplier?

Find Suppliers

Initially find three local suppliers near your home via local directories and then obtain quotes. When doing this take note of how quickly the whole process is dealt with. Ideally, expect a quote within 24 hours. A good fabricator will meet deadlines not only when quoting, but on the job too.


Detailed quotes are the best sort of quote, so ensure that you quote includes a variety of listings. Every item should be included, from the meterage of the surface, to the cut and polish, and installation. Suppliers that omit these from a quote often provide artificially low quotes, that increase when the final invoice is sent.

Terms and Conditions

Be sure to check the terms and conditions. These should be clear and easy to follow and there should be no clauses or hidden costs that could add extra money.

Payment Terms

The terms of payment are also something that should be examined. A business should never look for over half the total in advance and any company worth its salt will offer a deposit guarantee. Paying over £100 by credit card ensures you’re covered by the Consumer Credit Act in the UK and so will be reimbursed if the supplier folds.

A Few Questions

Calling your short list of suppliers and asking them a few questions is a great way to ensure that you get an idea of the quality you can expect:

  • Do they use a CNC and edge polishing machine – these provide a higher quality of finish
  • Do they offer a template and fit service. You don’t want them cutting and finishing stone in your home
  • Are they a fabricator and no a re-seller? You don’t want a job passed on, you want to deal with the fabricator from the off. Companies that sell for commission may not offer you the best service.
  • Do they have public and liability insurance and how much is it. Ideally look for over £2m and £10m for commercial.
  • Are they allowed to sell manmade products such as Ceasarstone. These products will ensure fabricators work to guidelines
  • References from the locality are important and are a good indicator of how good the quality of work is. If they withhold them, then beware.

Examining References

If you go ahead and decide to examine some references, then you should look at the following for an idea of the quality of stone or quartz worktops offered?

  • Is the underside of the overhand polished smoothly?
  • The joins should be thin, straight and level and filled cleanly with a resin or silicone
  • Are the overhangs consistent?
  • Are the tops levels and free of chips and scratches?
  • Ask the home owner, how the whole process was dealt with and if they were happy.

Factory Visit

Take a trip to the showroom and check out the following.

  • Is automated machinery used?
  • Ask about finished and options
  • How knowledgeable are the staff and how professional do they seem
  • Will the tops be made from large format slabs and not prefabricated widths, as these can cause issues
  • Are the fitting teams subcontracted or do they work directly
  • Turnaround times should be 5-10 days – ask about these
  • Ask about the scope of service for dealing with removal of old taps, work surfaces and disconnection and reinstallation of appliances
  • Check the natural stone and look at it for pitting, veining and consistency
  • Ask for an example of the slab that is being used. Granite has random patterns and you may wish to use a specific part of the slab for a specific part of the kitchen. For example an attractive part often makes a great show piece on a breakfast bar or island, where it will be most seen.

Never buy on price alone. As you can see there is so much more to purchasing a countertop of this quality than the cost.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England