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I can’t sell my home fast (video)

In this Video we will broadly discuss a variety of different reasons as to why you may be having difficulty in selling your home. In the current climate many would simply blame their situation on the general economy and suppressed housing market. However, if you are to investigate your situation a little bit deeper you may find that there are other factors affecting you as well. By realising where you may be going wrong you then may have the opportunity to rectify your situation. In addition to bringing certain downfalls to your attention we will also endeavor to provide some helpful tips and advice that you could put to good use.

Here are some situations that may apply to you and if they do you should watch the video. Is your property a council or ex-council home? If it is we will tell you why most people would struggle to get a mortgage on your house.

Maybe you have an incompetent estate agent? If this is the case there a re a few options you can take to rectify this.

Maybe the town you live in has a complete lack of buyers. We will provide you with advice to get around this.

Lastly, we will discuss the general economic situation and the state of the property market right now.

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