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Can’t Sell Below the Market Value

You may have contacted other Quick Sale companies who will buy your property quickly however they will offer a price around 25-35% below the current market value.

However, this is simply not a viable option for many as your existing mortgage debt may not allow  you to accept a discount of this level or any discount at all.
Unlike our competitors we are prepared to help you in a more reasonable way. We can buy your property even if you owe more than it’s actually worth! Why? Because we take a long term view and believe property values will eventually rise and that’s where we make our money.

Our different approach to property investing usually means we can pay the price you need.  We have enabled many home owners like yourself to simply walk away form their property and move on.

How we do it

In a traditional property sale, a sale is agreed and the buyer will exchange, at this point the buyer is obliged to complete and the completion would normally take place around 3-6 months later. We exchange allowing you to freely move on with your life and oblivious to yourself and of no concern we will usually complete 3-5 years later.

  • We agree to buy at the required purchase price
  • We will exchange contracts within days (at this point you can freely move on with no mortgage obligations)
  • When exchanging we takeover all the mortgage debt and are obliged to complete
  • Behind the scenes and not a concern for yourself we will complete at some point in the future usually between 3-5 years.
  • If your sick of being offered a low price for your property which actually makes it impossible for you to move on contact us as we can buy at a price that will solve your problems.
  • Our method of simply delaying the completion date is a common practice that has allowed thousands to achieve the sale price they need and simply move on. Experienced solicitors are used and all legal obligations are the same as in a traditional property sale.
  • We will endeavour to give you the price you need

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England