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Do you charge any fees to buy my house online?

At You Sell Quick we don’t charge any fees whatsoever to buy your house online in fact you will only ever receive money. Be cautious of any company that wishes to charge you any fees. It is highly common and pretty much an industry standard for all the quick sale companies to cover all fees and costs.

Firstly, it allows for transparency but also allows us to purchase homes that we may not be able to if the home seller had to pay for the costs of disposing their home. For example, many home sellers who approach us to buy their house online could be financially struggling in this tough economic climate.

  • If they had to pay up front fees then we may miss out on the opportunity to buy your house.
  • We believe it is highly unethical to charge any desperate sellers which may result in them being in even more financial hardship.

We would advise anyone who is looking to sell their house to an internet house buyer to be cautious of companies such as National Homebuyers who wish to charge £500 just to view your property regardless of them buying it or not. YouSellQuick does not charge any fees for viewings, valuations, sales or in any other part of the process.

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Most of the country is struggling to sell their home. Although cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, etc. have a slightly lesser problem due to their dense populations. You’re obviously going to get more viewers if your city has a dense population and more chance of someone buying your house now.

For properties for sale in London there is hardly a problem and house prices in general are towards their previous highs or around level with 2007-2008 prices, compared with the majority of the country who are currently stuck at around 2005-2006 house prices.

What are the chances of finding a normal buyer for my home

This depends on two factors:

  1. Location of your house
  2. Price bracket you are in

Other than that the obvious current economic climate has resulted in a stalemate and real lack of movement whereby many sellers are stuck in a chain.

Buy My House Fast

The major factor that is holding back the market is the lack of lending from the mortgage lenders. Peoples inability to get a mortgage is keeping them off the housing ladder. Back in the day you could get a mortgage even if you had a few CCJ’s. Nowadays your not even allowed one late payment on your credit report within the period of a year to receive a mortgage.

At You Sell Quick we hear stories from many sellers who say that they had a buyer but the buyer was unable to get the mortgage and they lost the sale, this could put you in a situation where you need someone to buy your house fast, in to days climate this has become a very likely scenario. It is only when the mortgage lenders re-open their doors that the housing market can start to significantly improve.

Buy my House for cash

You can sell your house for cash to us or any of our competitors, this is a popular selling method within the industry, however it does come at a cost and sellers are expected to give away a lot of equity. At You Sell Quick we have a more ethical approach to property investing and we don’t take any equity away from you.

We cover all costs and fees, what we tell you is what you get

When we say Yes to buying your home there are No hidden fees or costs, in fact we cover all costs so you will only ever receive money. We understand you may wish to sell my house now and we urge any home seller to not consider working with a sell house fast company who charge any fees whatsoever. It is standard practice in the industry for companies like ourselves to cover all costs. This is of particular importance when helping those with financial difficulties.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England

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