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Professional tips & Examples on how to arrange your Home Office furniture

Launching a home office can be a wonderful investment for anyone running their companies from home, telecommuting, or simply needing an organised location for tasks such as paying one’s bills. The design of your home office furniture is the key to maximising your available space to create easy access to necessary materials and plenty of […]

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We are hiring! Marketing internship

We are very excited to announce an opening position for our marketing team. We are looking for a passionate intern to join us and to help take care of the website’s blog, social media and our online campaigns. Even though this is an intern position, you will not be bringing coffees or making copies, you […]

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Rise in First Time Buyers sends House Prices Surging

The United Kingdom real estate market was not short of positive growth and trends. Housebuilders such as Barratt Developments saw up to a 70% increase, sellers saw a sharp rise an annual housing prices, but perhaps the most significant boost was with first time buyers. First time buyers grew by more than one-fifth with more […]

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Halifax Report Show’s a fall in UK House Prices

Halifax reported a drop in UK housing prices in December 2013, for the first time since January 2013. U.K. housing prices increased significantly in 2013 averaging more than a 5% monthly increase per month and a 6-year high of 7.7% in November. However, A Halifax Report released at the beginning of the year showed a decline […]

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Is 2014 a Good Time to Sell your House

Since the housing crash and recession hit in 2008 the real estate market in the U.K. has had a mediocre recovery but 2013 brought the market back to life with an average 7.5 price rise across the U.K. Does the rising housing prices and abundant buyers mean 2014 is a good time to sell your […]

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— R. Gray Colchester, England