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America cuts back, the world cuts back

Or the market deals with debt problem. So the stock market tremors are too loud to ignore. Even America is going to have to cut back as the same way as Britain. This debt problem won’t go away in a year or two – it will take a decade or two provided there are no shocks to the system (that may be pushing it too far).

So what’s happening with house prices?? America catches a cold and we sneeze. If you happen to have a property in inner London then you are safe – everybody else will have to take zero house price appreciation for many years. If you want to emigrate or if you have a another house to sell, like inherited property just get on with it now. It won’t be any different in a years time, or two years time or any time in the medium term. In the long term maybe 5 years plus property will be a good investment because there is no more houses (via the nimby effect) and the price of money is depreciating. There is nothing 10 years ago remotely the same price as now.

As a house or property buying company people do not want to lose vast quantities of equity – we are the only company that gives you the equity and gives you a chance to take part in the overall house prices appreciation. If you like we are joint venturing with you, but we take the headache of maintaining the property, getting in tenants, void (ie. No tenants at the moment) patches etc. etc.

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