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6 Quick Home Improvement Tips to Increase Market Value

Are you thinking of selling your home? Well, if you are then you want to ensure that you get as much for it as possible. Now, we’re not suggesting that you need to shell out the big bucks to improve the value. There are in fact, a number of low cost options that will improve home value without costing you too much cash.

Some small weekend projects can increase the appeal and also the market price of your home and also make it that little bit more desirable. Investing swear into equity will provide big returns – here’s how.


First appearances count, even for estate agents and a cleaner, tidier and less cluttered home will more than likely fetch more than a messy one. De-cluttering a home can create more space, make it a lot more desirable to potential buyers and ensures that it is a lot easier to sell.

The best way to de-clutter is to ask a friend to walk through your home and tell you what needs to go. Pack these away and you’re good to go.


Give your home a lick of paint to increase the price. A fresh coat is important and pays dividends when you are selling. Of course, don’t go crazy when painting – pick colours with a universal appeal and that make the most of a room. Light colours are preferable as they ensure that the room looks larger than it may be.

Curb Appeal

The outside appeal matters so much, especially if you have a sale sign outside. People often decide to look at a home on how it appears on the outside when they drive buy – curb appeal. To make the most of this trim tree, cut gardens and spruce the place up a little.


People look at flooring when they come into a home and use it as an indicator of wear and tear. If your carpets or lino look worn, then invest in some more. Or at least hire a carpet cleaner or other equipment hire to ensure that the floors are clean. If you’re handy you may be able to lay a new floor down yourself, adding to your sale appeal.


People tend to leave garages in a clutter when they are selling a home. By cleaning up and tidying a garage you create the impression that the area is one that can be converted and can be turned into something where people can spend time. Tidy up the garage, clean its windows and just give it a spit and shine. It will make it seem like the house has the potential for an extra room and that’s hardly going to harm your chances of selling for more money.


The biggest thing is to focus on repairs and this can involve you really just going gung-ho. Take a full weekend or 48 hours to write a list and just go on a repair and home improvement spree. You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve with some focus and graft.

Improving your home’s potential shouldn’t cost huge amounts of cash or take all sorts of special tools. With a little work and some focus you can do so quite easily.

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