How to Make Money Playing Poker Online

I have always wondered how many people actually make money when they play poker online in online casinos? According to new data shows that last year they paid out over $100 million to some of their players.

There are a few ways you can join poker online games and make money. I won’t go into all of them since they are all related and they are as profitable as each other.

First you can start out with playing low limit games. They are often called micro-limits. You can begin by playing in the lowest limit games available. No limits, below two hundred dollars. This gives you time to get your feet wet and see how you perform in a live game.

When you are better you can move up. No limit games can be played either in tournaments or at cash tables. Both of these make for a good training ground.

Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular poker games played on the internet and television. One of the best ways to improve your abilities at this game is to play it often. You should also learn to read your opponents better. You should watch what they do in the early rounds when you play no limit and see if you can predict their moves.

After you have learned the lemon game of no limit try your hand at parlay. Parlay is a game where you bet in lock-step with another player. The players have to bet in the same order and have the same amount to bet. For example you bet two dollars. The first player to act could raise or re-raise you. If you don’t re-raise then the first player can check-raise. Check-raising is when a player has a good hand will check and you bet to try and push them to the next card. If they call you then you may have a better hand then they thought.

After you master the art of reading your opponents you can start to isolate specific players. This will make you a stronger poker player. You will start to build your rep. At the lower levels it is easier to knock players off their game when you know you have the best hand. You will also make more money per hour.

Don’t try and make a living playing poker. Your opponents are still your opponents. I established this in the beginning of the article, but it remains to be repeated. Don’t follow your friends to a table if you think you have a stronger poker than them. Do it because it will cost you money and you don’t want to lose that. If you want to make a living playing poker, first you have to learn the tricks of the game and then you have to spread this information to your friends. How is that going to help?

If you play online poker successfully, you probably play against the same players that play in the televised poker tournaments. You are probably playing at the same casino that the professionals play at. So the idea is, why not work on your poker so you can beat those guys?


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