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Fees when Selling a House

Selling my House Quickly, what are the Fees?

When selling your home there are a few fees and costs that you need to consider. These costs vary depending on which method you choose to use when you sell your property. There are different processes involved and the amount of different fees involved can vary. One consideration for you to think about  is the amount of time frame that you have in order to dispose of your property. And think if you are in a hurry and need to sell your house fast and how much money are you prepared to sell your property for. If you have financial issues you may want to get as quick a sale as possible but also as much money as you can. On the other hand you may be economically stable but would prefer a hassle free sale. This article will discuss some of the different methods available for you to sell your home and their associated costs.

Fees when Selling House privately

Selling your house privately may be an option worth consideration if your feel that your estate agent simply isn’t doing a good enough job. You may choose to sell your house privately alongside your estate agent, if you have a non-exclusive relationship, or you may choose to not use an estate agent at all.

Rather than paying an estate agent a fee of 1.5% -3% on the back end once your house is sold you will need to invest in advertising your home yourself. There are many online estate agents who will charge you an upfront fee for doing so and also you could choose to privately list your home in your local paper. Certain popular websites such as Right move will only allow you to list through the use of a listed estate agent so bear in mind you will be out-casting yourself from this very popular place to advertise your home. Also, unfortunately, your home won’t be listed in the shop window of an estate agent in your local area. Other aspects may be more time consuming such as arranging the visits yourself and negotiating with the buyer. Solicitors fees and other expenses will be similar to that of a normal sale but we urge you to give us a call as we can provide you a far more realistic chance to achieve the result that you want with little hassle and within your suited time scale. Keep on reading to know why our customers are highly satisfied with making the decission to get in touch with us.

Fees when Selling Home to an estate agent

Offering your house to an estate agent may not necessarily allow you to sell your house fast, not only that but in the current market it may be unrealistic to achieve the full 100% market value for your home. Those who are able to raise a mortgage appreciate that it’s a buyers market and they can quite realistically offer around 10% less than your asking price. When selling to an estate agent in England it is often their job to cover all cost of advertising your property and because of this they will often only list your property in your local paper if they have an exclusive relationship with you, which will cost you around 1.5% once your home is sold. For a non-exclusive relationship you will be charged 3% of the sale price but you will also have the ability to list your home with multiple agents. In Scotland, agents tend to charge a lot more, they will often require you to pay an upfront fee to advertise your home, usually 1% and not only that but Scottish sellers are required by law to attain a home report that can cost around £500.

How much does to it cost when selling a property at Auction

Many who are truly struggling to sell their house through the traditional methods may assume that the auction house is the only next available route. Times have changed and this new era of online house buyers can offer a far fairer deal. Firstly, if you wish to weigh up the cost of selling at an auction you should consider the discount that cash buyers wish to achieve. It is not uncommon of buyers to command a discount of around 30-40% as they know that being a cash buyer puts them in a powerful position. Also, at an auction house approximately 50% of properties sold are from banks disposing repossessed homes. I’m sure you can appreciate that this is not great competition to be up against as this is the last option available for the banks to dispose of their assets and they are quite content with selling at a heavy discount. Other costs of selling at auction will be the auction house fee and this can range from 3-5%. Also, you will often be required to pay an up front fee of  approximately £500 to list in the auction house brochure.

Reason why YouSellQuick doesn’t charge fees

Selling your house with YouSellQuick means you don’t pay any fees since we take care of them, we can do this because we work with a pool of professional investors and for many years we have designed and sculpted a seamless workflow and process that enables us to move quick and save costs for everyone, which in the end provides you a much better deal. Our investors receive very favourable lending terms when buying your home and are therefore more than happy to cover your fees as well.

It should be standard practice across the Internet house buying industry for the online house buyer to cover all costs and fees, so we urge you to act with absolute caution if you are to deal with a company who wish to charge you to sell your home. We are aware that certain companies such as National Home Buyers charge an upfront fee of £500 just to visit your home and from this you may not be satisfied with their offer. This is a practice that we frown upon and feel that it takes advantage of the desperation and good will of customers.

At You sell Quick we have an ethical approach and we guarantee to cover all fees and costs. Not having to pay any fees or costs also means that we offer a fairer deal than at an estate agent which usually reaches very good market values such as 90%, 95% or 100% depending on a few characteristics (location, type of house, size…) but will still charge you a fee.

We must say that we cannot buy all properties for full market value, even so, around 70% of the people that get in touch can achieve our 100% full market value offer. This is why we encourage you to contact us and have a chat with us, we will see if we can help you achieve a higher market value than any other offer you have had so far and give you our free feedback the same day you call, also, if you want to move forward we can visit your property for free within the next 48 hours.

“YouSellQuick gave me a very good deal and helped me through the whole process.”

— D. Halls London, England

“I got exactly what they offered in my bank account, nothing less, no extra fees or commissions.”

— R. Gray Colchester, England