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Easy inexpensive tips to decorate your house

There’s plenty of ways you can decorate your home and surprisingly inexpensive too without the need to buy expensive art or anything fancy. Also, by creating the decorations yourself you make sure every piece is unique and no one else has it. In this article we have compiled a few inexpensive decorative tips you can do by yourself that will improve your home and make a nice impression to your guests.

The Bow Pillow

As cute as a puppy, this pillow looks like a giant bow-tie and it’s very simple to make. Just grab a pillow and tie a strap of cloth around it.

Palet shelve

Wood is an element that always looks good in any house due to its natural feel. You can find palets in any warehouse or industry, just get in and ask if they have a spare one, a broken one or if they are willing to sell one. Make sure you clean it thoroughly since it’s probably very dirty, remove some of the wood strips in the middle and then paint it in a colour that combines with your other furniture.

Minimalistic Cane Ladder

This is one of our favourites. A very thin ladder made out of cane, perfect to hang towels and other small objects in your bathroom.

Heart Paint Chip Art

When decorating a home, one of the ways you can spend a lot of money is by buying drawings, they are usually very expensive. But the good thing about it is that with a little bit of imagination and creativity you can create your own paintings or wall decorations for your house rooms in a very inexpensive manner. Check this one out, just four blank canvas and a printer to print hundreds of hearts of different colours (in the image there’s 360 hearts!). So disregarding the time it takes to create this piece of art the results are beautiful.

Inverted ladder bookcase

For the most handyman out there, this one will look amazing in your home providing a sleek and sophisticated look. A couple inverted ladders hanged on the wall and with some glass plates to create the shelves.

Beach Buoys

There’s one simple trick to make anything look good and that’s playing with colours. Grab an old piece of wood, paint it nice and colourful and voila! You get a piece of art. In this example they’ve created a beach buoy to place on your garden and combine it with the green of the grass.

How’s your home looking?

There are thousands of ideas out there and we’d like to recommend you one in particular to keep your exploration on improving your home further. If you haven’t heard of a website called Pinterest, that’s where a lot of things are happening right now and where you can grab a whole lot of ideas. Pinterest is like a social network where people “pin” photos and pictures on different topics. To find ways and techniques to make our house prettier in a cheap and inexpensive manner we can go to the DIY or the Home Decor categories.

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